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Frustration at it's peak!

You know what would be great? Having the support of your government. Having political leaders that recognize all the hard work that goes into educating the future.

When I first started teaching our government cut wages with the promise that we would get reimbursed and our wages increased after a couple of years. Well, that was over a decade ago and has never happened. For a brief 4 years we were finally getting back on track. We had a leader and a government who recognized us and wanted to support us. We had a government that knew the importance of supporting our kids so that they could grow into productive people and positive citizens. How I long for those days! Looking back, I took those for granted and thought that they would be around forever for everyone must see how wonderful this system is! How wrong I was.

Four years! That is all we got, was four years! Now, we are falling so hard! This system is breaking and crumbling from underneath us. Education cuts, cutting off supports to our schools! What is going to happen to our kids? What is going to happen to our society when these young kids grow up?

This government made so many promises. Promises of not cutting funding to education, only to go and make cuts the very next day and then telling us that they didn't do it! Breaking promises, lying, making people think that they are crazy... this is all abuse! Being a teacher with these government officials is like being in an abusive relationship. It's an abusive relationship that is impossible to escape from. Escape is futile so therefore we must fight back. We may get battered and we may get bruised but fighting back seems to be the only way out. The more we fight back, the faster we ware the down.

The only way to get through this is to support each other. More than ever teachers, support staff and parents- we must all stand strong and remain to work together. These times are uncertain and scary. We must remain to be a close knit unit and fight for each other, to fight for the rights of the children so that they may have the best possible education and in turn, the best possible future.

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